Maximizing Creativity

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Creativity is the cheapest, most powerful, and most awesome selling tool your company has. It only takes one good idea to get your business on the map- digital or otherwise- so don’t underplay creativity’s importance.


What are your first thoughts when you hear the word “creativity”? It may provoke images of artsy outfits, out-of-the-box commercials or even an office filled with antique video games. And while creativity is all this, it’s so much more.


As entrepreneurs, we use creativity to create demand where it doesn’t yet exist. We also use it in visuals to share our stories, including images, videos, interactive ads and personalized content. Better yet, we convince people who never considered our business before, and are now lifelong customers. Here are 3 fantastic tips to learn how to apply creativity into your workplace.

1. Modern-Day Brainstorming

Yes, you read that right. There are different ways to brainstorm, some more effective than others. Ditch the old way of brainstorming (sitting down and staring at a blank piece of paper is never fun) and implement one of these in your next meeting:


Mind Mapping

This technique is more visual, allowing you to draw a picture of the similarities between each idea. Start by writing down your goal, followed by related problems. Keep going; as you build out, you can see how everything connects and what’s needed to break the pattern!


Reverse Brainstorming

Rather than asking yourself how to solve a problem, think of ways to cause a problem. Yes, cause a problem! Start with your problem or goal, then ask, “how can we cause this”? Watch as ideas come more naturally and you finish the brainstorming session with a great list on how to create a problem to achieve your goal.


There are dozens of other brainstorming techniques out there, so find one that works for you and your business, then implement it on a regular basis. Just a few tips to keep in mind as you brainstorm: write down everything, no matter how outrageous or strange. Chances are, it could become your next golden idea! Also, make it a priority to see how far out-of-the-box you can go. The crazier the idea is, the better it breaks away from your usual pattern of marketing. Lastly, don’t stop when you think you’ve discovered the perfect idea. Brainstorm a little longer, as you may find a better idea!

2. Pick the One that Stands Out

Alright, so now you have your list of ideas. Narrow in on a handful that you feel confident that will work while standing out from the competition. This is crucial, as fun ideas are merely fun to implement, whereas great ideas also help further your goal along.


For instance, take direct mailers. Just a simple postcard mailer listing your business’ name, slogan, and offerings won’t do a single thing for your business. It’s most likely going in the trash.

But something flashy, like the teenagers on the corner of the street pointing to a pizza place at dinner time- that is a good idea. They know their target, they’re offering a relevant deal, and who doesn’t like pizza? Keep this thought in mind as you determine how to make your flashy idea work for you.

3. Emphasize Motivation

Here’s the last step before putting your idea into practice: creating motivation. Already, your idea is designed to grab attention and make customers consider your business; all that’s left is the final push to get customers out the door and into yours!


As you figure out how to motivate people, consider these standard questions: why do customers buy from you? What makes them pick you verses other businesses? If they were on the fence, what is needed to finally push them on your side? Knowing how consumers regard your business is crucial in knowing how to create motivation!

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